Ser capitã desse mundo, poder rodar sem fronteiras, viver um ano em segundos, não achar sonhos besteira. Me encantar com um livro, que fale sobre vaidade. Quando mentir for preciso, poder falar a verdade.



sábado, 7 de julho de 2007


I met a fox the other day.
Well I asked how much she cost, I had to pay.
All of a sudden I'd brought her home.
She's one hundred kilos dressed in silverchrome.
She's my world, she's so rad.
She's the best ride I ever had.
She's my life, she's so bad.
She's the best ride I ever had.
When I imagine me and her.
You know that I get a stand-up fur.
I give her oil, I give her gas,
And get her seat beneath my ass.
And then the turtledoves drive away.
She's secondhand, so what ? She's true, she's by my
For all I care she's hot, and she's a real good ride.
When we go out people stop and stare with jealous
It's OK for me as long as they let her be...
To prevent something like a theft I got her locked
'round a tree.

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